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Brent Cross South

Brent Cross South
Brent Cross South
Homes, Brent Cross South

In 2016, Argent Related formed a joint venture with Barnet Council to design and develop a 180-acre mixed-use neighbourhood at Brent Cross South.

The new neighbourhood will provide 6,700 new homes, workspace for over 25,000 people and pedestrian-friendly streets with local shops and restaurants. The development will be a model for how London should grow as its population increases and new homes and workspaces are required.

The project, which already has outline planning consent, is at the heart of the wider Brent Cross regeneration initiative, a £4.5 billion investment that also includes the ambitious expansion of Brent Cross shopping centre and the development of a new Thameslink station, Brent Cross West.  Together, these three co-ordinated initiatives provide an unparalleled opportunity – 15 million sq ft of development over 370 acres, serviced by exceptional transport links into and out of central London.

We have provided a website as a resource of information to support local engagement. You can learn more here.

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