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Argent Related’s approach is to create purposeful places while maximising economic and social value.

We are known for delivering brave and innovative ideas, and for the careful stewardship needed to realise them.  Our commitment to the places we develop is always long term.

We invest much time and effort in understanding the unique context for each project we become involved in. Equal emphasis is placed on building strong relationships and mutual understanding with partners and stakeholders. These relationships are always based on transparency, honesty and alignment of interests.

Our in-house expertise ensures that our projects consistently set new standards for creative design and innovative thinking. Our goal is, through responsible and sustainable development, to create successful, liveable places that deliver lasting benefits for all.

Time Warner Centre, New York
Time Warner Centre, New York
Pancras Square, King's Cross
Pancras Square, King's Cross

Value for many

Argent Related believes that the chance to deliver transformational development is a privilege rather than a right. Commercial value drivers must align with opportunities for positive social impact.

We aim to create value for all stakeholders, and a legacy of economic and social opportunity. This is at the heart of our approach.

At King’s Cross, as well as delivering a new part of London for everyone to enjoy, the development has supported over 10,000 jobs and adds £600 million in value to the economy each year. 300 local businesses supply the development, supporting 500 local jobs and generating  gross value of c. £33m per year to the local economy.

Thinking like an owner

Argent Related thinks like an owner because it is one. We make a long-term investment in each of our projects and remain involved as an owner and asset manager.

Sustaining the right mix of uses and activities requires careful and considered management of both buildings and public space, with an understanding of how each part influences the whole. Effective stewardship is a crucial part of creating and maintaining economic and social value, and is central to our approach.

Together, Argent and Related own and/or manage a portfolio worth over £36 billion. Related owns and manages over 67,000 homes in the USA across all price segments and tenures, while Related Rentals is a wholly-owned build-to-rent platform offering industry-leading services, amenities and customer care.

New York
Homes, Tribeca, New York
Granary Square, King's Cross
The fountains, Granary Square, King's Cross

Design that lasts

Our commitment to the long-term shows itself in a number of ways. One example is the emphasis placed on investing in public spaces- streets, squares and parks.

Accessible outdoor space which can be enjoyed by the public is integral to our thinking. It performs a vital role in transforming a space into a place. It is the framework of routes, streets, meeting places, squares and parks that is the lasting legacy of development, not just the buildings themselves.

At Hudson Yards, almost 50% of the development area is given over to open space and parkland – an extraordinary commitment in central Manhattan, while at King’s Cross, Granary Square is instrumental in drawing people to the area in the early days and helping change perceptions. Today, it is a London landmark and one of the city’s favourite meeting places.

Listening hard

Our impetus for change is balanced by our desire to listen. Even the most deserted urban location has its champions and its archivists, its users and its guardians.

By listening to the people who live and work in the places we develop, we tailor our plans to ensure that we deliver what meets local needs and aspirations. This requires persistence,  patience, openness and honesty, but it is fundamental to achieving a sense of ownership and long-term viability.

Our strength as a company is very much based on the strength of our partnerships and collaborations – with our investors, our consultants, government bodies and interest groups, and not least with local communities and the people who call our developments home.

TOS consultation event, Clarefield Park, Brent Cross
TOS consultation event, Clarefield Park, Brent Cross